El Submarino

Good friend and former bandmate, Pete, came to me about making some artwork to go with a collection of new songs he wrote and produced. I love working on passion projects with people! There’s less pressure of a looming deadline and typically there’s more room to explore creative directions. Pete did have a concept for…

God of wine

Dionysus was the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. He created wine and spread the art of viticulture. He had a dual nature; on one hand, he brought joy and divine ecstasy; or he would bring brutal and blinding rage, thus reflecting the dual nature of wine. He was depicted as either an older,…

warehouse mural

A while back I had the opportunity the liven up the warehouse walls to promote Positivity, Accountability, Responsibility, and Teamwork.

the cosmos mural

Had the privilege of painting a mural for a friend’s baby room. The Dad wanted something to stare at during the baby’s night time feeding shift.

the Goat

Wine label illustration + design for the Geneva Winery, in Geneva, IL. The owner named this wine ‘The GOAT’- a bold statement. But truthfully they all seem like GOATS to me.

The Inappropriate drummer

Good friend, bandmate, drummer extraordinaire, Lee Diamond asked me to create an image of him beating the drums for his latest project – swapping out the drumming of his favorite songs and replacing them with heavy metal drumming. I had just recently began exploring After Effects and this was a perfect project to help a…

20th Century Man

Original collage artwork sourced from old Life magazines and instructional books from mid 20th century. Pasted on 8″x10″ canvas board with 11″x14″ matte on a black frame – ready to hang. $100 with shipping.

Window Dancers

Ever year the Village of Lombard host their holiday event, “Jingle Jubilee”. The lights of Lilacia Park turn on, there is carol singing at the Main Street Chapel, and the local dance studio sets up window displays inside business storefronts for their dancers to perform “The Nutcracker”. It makes for a great night to get…

From Monkey To Man, and Back Again.

I painted a 5 panel series at an outdoor art fest in Chicago, West Fest, many summers ago. They had been stored away until recently, when my kids pointed to a blank wall(very rare) in the basement and we all agreed on this! Each panel is painted with acrylic on a 2′ x 4′ plywood…


Next time you’re bicycling – Riding through Chi-town. Take your feet off the pedals – Coast and look around. Pull over to that hot-dog stand – Cuz that Vienna looks inviting. Eating and riding at the same time – Now you’re Chi-Cycling!        


Integrity is standing up for what you believe in. It is treating everyone equally and fairly, acting independent of others that do otherwise. It is being open and honest, responsible for all of your actions. It is speaking out when others are treated poorly. It is refusing to participate in actions detrimental to others. It is admitting and apologising for your errors, when mistakes are made. It is respecting your environment, your fellow humans, and your…

A Midwesterner in the Desert

Last year I went to visit my sister in Tucson, AZ.  I had never been to the desert before.  My first hike was a solo trip into Saguaro National Park on the Sendero Esperanza trail.  The terrain seemed extraterrestrial.  I meandered from flora to fauna, paying close attention to this new world. I moved slow…

Let It Be Forgotten

“Let It Be Forgotten” by Sarah Teasdale Let it be forgotten, as a flower is forgotten,    Forgotten as a fire that once was singing gold, Let it be forgotten for ever and ever,    Time is a kind friend, he will make us old.    If anyone asks, say it was forgotten    Long and long ago,…


RIOT 14″x17″. Collage on paper. Currently on view with the Elmhurst Artists Guild Fall Member’s Show    

Phantom Limbs

PHANTOM LIMBS 24″x36″ acrylic on stretched canvas. SOLD. I came across some beautiful sections of a Maple tree lying next to the curb on my way home.  I did not know the reason the tree was cut down.  Looked like a healthy tree from the parts I examined.  I decided to bring a few sections…


The adventures of Ava the Monster Slayer are set to continue this fall with the release of “Ava the Monster Slayer in Cousin Power”, published by Sky Pony Press and distributed through Simon & Schuster. For the sequel, Lisa and I decided to follow a comic book style format in hopes that Ava the Monster Slayer…

Alchemy Audio Pedals

This will be my 3rd year creating a poster for Alchemy Audio’s upcoming event, Gear Swap, this April.  They are a local Chicago company that builds, repairs, and modifies electric guitar pedals.  Great people to work with and they have an incredible list of clients from Wilco to Lucinda Williams.  Check them out at

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies, Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, and what art, Could twist the sinews…

Never Meant To Last

I burned it all because I could not obtain it Then after seeing what I had done Wished I did more to save it “Never Meant To Last”. 24″x36″. Acrylic on canvas.


CHICAGO 50″x50″. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD.*prints available upon request. Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders: They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I have seen your painted women under the gas…

The King & I

  “The King & I”. 20″x20″ on wood veneer with paint, charcoal, paper collage. Let’s storm the castle the seasons are changing the wind’s to our backs there’s no hesitating Let’s storm the castle the path is all clear nothing here lasts no time for fear Let’s storm the castle you must go it alone…

Garbage IN, Garbage OUT

A name is just a name We’re all the same from whence we came From a sprouting bud to shiny toy It is all but a fleeting joy Seasons changes, mind’s erased Nature desires a new taste mesmerizing round about Garbage in and garbage out “Garbage In Garbage Out.” 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas.

The Waiting Room

The surreal window view of a world in constant transition unfolding in front of you while the powers that be grant you a moment to observe with a cup of coffee “Waiting Room”. 36″x24″. Acrylic on Canvas.SOLD.*prints available upon request.  

Where wild things go

“Wild Things Go”. 24″x36″. acrylic on stretched canvas. She stepped out into the moonlight To shower in its glow But she could feel somebody watching And retreated into the forest Where all the wild things go


Finished the gas tank for the new bike Mike is building (You don’t know Mike? You should. He builds bikes.)  Inspired by the movie “Hardware” and the Public Image Limited song, “This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get”.  Some how a burning city landscape seemed fitting. Looking to do something on the rear…

Living Spaces

As fast as summer goes, time was found to enjoy the weather and finish some commissioned works, make some art for friends and family, and I was fortunate enough to sell one of my favorite paintings . I know it’s in good hands in it’s new home in New Orleans! Bittersweet such is the end…